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Welcome to Compubank Bank Products . . . . .
Compubank Products Ltd is a global company with a very strong engineering and security expertise.
Its activities criss-cross the West African Sub-Region and touch the shores of Europe, while engineering dominates its rich portfolio of businesses and it gives an image of quality and caring.
Compubank Products Ltd., is a holding company based in Accra, Ghana and has six subsidiaries whose geographic coverage spans the frontier of Ghana.
Compubank Products Ltd., is an agent for the following companies — De La Rue Systems Limited, Chubb Safe Equipment Company, Josiah Parkes and Sons, IBM, Microsoft and NetSupport Group.
The Company and its subsidiaries deal in a wide range of business supplies in computers, security and office equipment; engineering services; dry-cleaning, currency exchange, manufacture of nails and pins, software sales and computer training.
In all these businesses, Compubank Products Ltd has been proactive, constantly monitoring the ever-changing needs of its customers more than they know themselves. more
Welcome to Compubank Bank Products . . . . .
Our Partners
britton group chubb safes
conventry university dela rue
ibm university of sunderland


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a wide range of chubb safe products de la rue cash systems thinkpad R series laptop chubb vault doors
We offer a wide range of Chubb products ranging from Burglary Resistant Safes, Security Cabinets, Security Locks, more De La Rue Cash systems' wide range of note counters provides a choice of machines to suit all note counting tasks, more The new ThinkPad R51 is available with outstanding 3D graphics performance more  Chubb Vault doors provide high security against a wide variety of attacks and are in use today in many bank branches around more
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